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What we do

Strategic Asset Allocation

Based on its clients’ risk&reward objectives and time horizon, Flexagon provides strategic asset allocation involving real and financial§ assets. In real assets, Flexagon manages traditional and exotic assets, from real estate to art and luxury goods. In financial assets, Flexagon manages listed and private assets, coping with the latters’ peculiarities and complexities.

Flexagon customises its asset allocations on the specific needs of its investors, in terms of capital protection, capital appreciation and distribution, and succession strategy, where applicable.

Flexagon can set up allocation procedures with greater or smaller advisory input from investors and their other trusted advisors. (Legal, accounting, tax, fiduciary, etc.)

Tactical Portfolio Implementation

Once a strategic asset allocation has been agreed, Flexagon can choose the most effective format and instrument to build the relevant portfolio within every asset class.

Flexagon has a wide experience in identifying and monitoring effective smart-beta strategies and products that can outperform traditional benchmarks.

Flexagon, whose sister fund management company in Malta (Flexagon Captal Management Ltd) holds Ucits and AIFMD licenses, has a wide knowledge of and direct access to alternative investment managers, both hedge funds and private equity managers.

In the real assets space, Flexagon has an extensive network of specialised partners for each asset class, from real estate to art and luxury goods. Flexagon assists clients in structuring and sourcing leverage for their real and financial assets.

Specialty Investment Themes and Vehicles

Through its dedicated Maltese sister fund management company (“Flexagon Capital Management Ltd”) Flexagon does help bright portfolio managers to realise their investment strategy in a regulated format, using the AIFMD or the Ucits Directive as appropriate. Specialty themes already or about to be implemented in fund formats for specific investors’ need include: – Italian AIF dedicated to securing private debt – Ucits fund dedicated to EM frontier sovereign debt – Ucits fund dedicated to central European Ucits funds – Ucits fund dedicated to liquid FX strategies

Flexagon can also help clients to institutionalise their assets in a fully regulated and dedicated Alternative Investment Fund vehicle, enabling them to access to financial institutions as institutional clients (i.e., through investment banking divisions), with more compelling service and pricing.

Growth and Strategic Turnaround

Flexagon assists its corporate clients in their industrial and financial growth. It supports the leadership of companies in identifying and tapping new sources of financing, optimising existing credit lines, and identifying strategic investors that can support the company in reaching the next phase of its development. 

Flexagon brings to companies a strong understanding of what investors are looking for and can structure meaningful transactions addressing the needs of all stakeholders, and provides assistance in all their debt needs, secured and unsecured, structured and vanilla. 

Flexagon brings in-depth knowledge and relationships with all types of equity investors: Venture Capital firms, Private Equity firms, Family Offices, High Net Worth individuals and other corporates, and assists companies in: preparing solid and effective information packs for investors, ensuring all key credit topics are covered; creating a competitive process among investors to ensure compelling terms can be achieved by clients; providing investors with a smooth information flow and constant reporting.


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